Mandatory pension savings from benefits

It's important to save up for retirement – also during a period of your life when you receive social benefits. Therefore, a mandatory pension savings scheme was set up with effect from 1 January 2020 for people receiving benefits, welfare cash benefits or early retirement benefits

The Danish state will pay your pension contributions under the scheme. And they will not be deducted from the payments you receive from CA.  Consequently, you will still receive the same amount (e.g. in benefits) as you would otherwise have received.

The contributions to your mandatory pension savings plan will be paid to the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension (ATP) as part of your "ATP Lifelong Pension". The payment will be made automatically so you do not have to do anything.

In 2022, the payment amounts to 0.9% of the benefits you receive from the unemployment insurance fund. Through to 2030, this percentage will increase.

By 2029, the Danish Parliament must decide on the details of the pension scheme going forward.

The pension will automatically be paid to you when you reach the state pension age – and for as long as you live. The pension cannot be paid out to you before that.

You can see all payments you have made into the scheme, and how much you may expect to receive from the ATP Lifelong Pension at borger.dk.

At "My CA", you can see a statement of your "year to date payments" into the mandatory pension scheme. You will find the information under the heading "personal information".