If you were born in the period from 1 January 1959 to 31 December 1975, you can pause payments into the early retirement scheme. This is called a payment-free period.

You can only have payment-free periods if you have had comparable periods where you have paid early retirement contributions:

  • Before you turned 35, and which are before 1 January 2008, or
  • In 2007, if you were above the age of 35 at the time

The payment-free periods must never be longer than the period required to enable you to pay into the early retirement scheme for 25 years before you reach the age of 62.

If you meet the criteria for payment-free periods, and you were a member of CA as at 31 December 2007, you have already sent you a statement showing how long you can opt to pause payments. If you were a member of another unemployment insurance fund on 31 December 2007, you will have received the statement from them.

If you believe that you meet the criteria, but you have not received a statement, please contact us.

If you were born on 1 January 1976 or later, you will not be entitled to payment-free periods. You can, however, pause your payments (LINK MANGLER - pause i betaling af efterlønsbidrag) on certain conditions.

When, how long and how many times?

You are free to decide when to pause your payments, for how long and whether to split the pause into several different pauses.

But please note that you can begin a payment-free period no earlier than the date when we receive your written request.

Likewise, you cannot resume the collection of early retirement contributions until we have received your written request to do so.

We recommend that you fill in an AR 252 form when you choose to take a payment-free period. The form will provide the relevant guidance.

You can, however, also request a payment-free period by sending us a message.

It’s your responsibility

When you have chosen to take a payment-free period, it is your responsibility to join again.

We therefore recommend that you give us a date for when we are to begin collecting the early retirement contribution again when you request a pause in payments. In that way, you do not lose your right to early retirement benefits because you forget to join again.