In CA, we communicate digitally

We send the majority of all letters digitally via our Self Service (Selvbetjening). Some letters are also sent as e-mail attachments. If you are not registered for a fixed payment agreement (Betalingsservice), we will still send you your membership invoice though the post services.

You will not receive any reminders though the post services if you have unopened messages waiting in our Self Service. Instead, you will receive a notification by e-mail.

There are several advantages to communicating digitally:

  • Messages are available promptly and you receive an e-mail notification directly
  • We send you a reminder by e-mail if you have not opened a message that has a deadline
  • Nothing goes missing during the post delivery and all messages from CA is found in one place
  • Personal data is protected
  • What we save on postage, we use for increased member services

If you are physically prevented from communicating digitally with us, you can apply to be exempted from using digital communication.