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CA Legal Support: Legal advice from professional lawyers

CA Legal Support offers professional help with contracts, non-compete clauses, dismissal and other employment terms. CA Legal Support costs only DKK 55,- per month for employees and is free for student members.

Legal Support

New benefit rates for 2023

The rates of unemployment benefits, new graduate benefits, early retirement benefits and other benefits are set by the Danish state. The rates are subject to annual review.

New benefit rates 2023

How to get the job interview

In this guide, you will get knowledge, tools, and tricks to avoid the most common mistakes in your CV and cover letter. You will also get a model that will help you analyse what is need-to-have and nice-to-have in your CV in order to make it targeted and attractive for an employer.

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Want to go job searching abroad?

There are three ways in which you can receive benefits while job searching abroad.

The rules are complicated, and therefore, we recommend that you contact us well before you are leaving.

Job searching abroad