CA is your study partner

When you’re studying for a master’s degree, you can be a student member of CA. We support you during your studies and help you prepare for life after your graduation.

Get free membership as a student

With a free CA student membership, you’ll get a partner who takes active part in your local university or college community. We organise events and advise you on everything from your personal wellbeing as a student to the optimal exam experience from start to finish - and when you are to land the best student job.

With more than 10,000 student members, CA is one of the largest organisations for students in Denmark. Many of our student members are studying for social science or business degrees.

But actually it’s not important what you’re studying, but that you strive for progress during your studies or at work.

An extra month with benefits

Usually unemployed graduates do not get benefits the first month after their graduation.

But if you have been a student member without interruption for the last year before graduation, you’ll receive benefits right away.

The extra month with benefits gives you an extra DKK 14,106 in benefits, if you are unemployed and registered as such from the first day after graduation. 

Legal support during your studies

Get free advice in employment cases from our inhouse lawyers in CA Legal Services who offer a review of the employment contract for your student job and many other services.

Read more about CA Legal Services

Studyinformation and future right to benefits

Remember always to keep your contact and studyinformations at ”My CA” . This way you will receive important informations and notifications.

If you postpone your study end date

If you graduate later than the date you have previously given us, you must inform us of the new date.

If you continue studying on a new programme

If you complete a study programme and want to study further on a new programme, e.g. a master , you must fill in the form "Change status to continue studying" and state which programme you are studying on.

Then your free student membership with CA continues, and you get your right to unemployment benefits based solely on your just completed study programme.

This means that you have the opportunity to apply for unemployment benefits if you stop your study without completing it. You must change status no later than 14 days after you have received your last grade.

When you have received your last grade and have graduated, you must fill in the form: "Change status to graduated".

It is important that you change status, even if you already have a job. In this way, you ensure that you can apply for unemployment benefits if you need it now or later. You must change status no later than 14 days after you have received your last grade

Student membership

You can be a free student member of CA for as long as you meet certain criteria such as being a student and earning no more than DKK 285,669 (incl. the state educational grant SU) each year.

It is therefore important that you let us know if your circumstances or contact details change so that we can keep you up to date on important news.

Read more about requirements for student membership

Update your contact details

You’ll no longer be eligible for free student membership if you drop out of university. You may instead get benefits if:

  • You within the last two years have used your rights as a new graduate after having completed your studies

  • You have accrued benefit rights as a wage or salary earner.

The earliest day you can get benefits is the day when you register as unemployed with the Jobcenter and when you have withdrawn from university and are no longer a student.

Read more about how to register as unemployed and apply for benefits

You may get benefits if:

  • You take a break for more than four weeks, and it’s not just holiday closing time


  • You have already accrued the right to benefits as a new graduate or as a wage or salary earner

We need a written confirmation from your place of study that you’re entitled to take a break from your studies.

Upload your confirmation

If in doubt about whether you are entitled to benefits during the break from your studies, we recommend that you call us at tel. +45 33 14 90 45.

Send us a message and tell us:

  • When you left your previous programme of study
  • The title of your new study programme
  • The name of your new university, college or school
  • Start date for your new study programme
  • Expected graduation date

It’s important that we have the correct details of your studies as it will allow us to:

  • Determine whether you continue to meet the conditions for a student membership
  • Write to you about how you get rights as a new graduate when you are close to graduation.

You can have a student job while studying and still be entitled to a free student membership. As long as you do not exceed the maximum income limit.

If you keep your student job after your graduation:

  • You must meet certain conditions to be eligible for supplementary benefits
  • You may be subject to a suspension period for self-inflicted unemployment if you subsequently leave your job

Read more about supplementary benefits

Read more about suspension period

After your 30th birthday, there are more stringent requirements for free student membership. To continue to be a student member, you must among other things:

  • Be eligible for benefits as a wage or salary earner
  • Pay into the early retirement scheme throughout the period you are a free student member

Read more about requirements for student membership

The maximum period of free student membership of an unemployment insurance fund is five years. In this period, you need to meet certain statutory requirements.

If you are not eligible for a free student membership for the entire duration of your study programme, it may still be a good idea financially to join CA and become a fee-paying member until you complete your studies.

Read more about requirements for student membership

If you are not already a member, you can join CA as a new graduate within 14 days of your graduation.

If you have not been a member of an unemployment insurance fund for at least a year, you will not be entitled to benefits until one month after your graduation.