New graduate - Get financial security with benefits for up to two years

As a new graduate, you can become a graduate member with special benefit rights.

That makes you financially secure with benefits for a period of up to two years if you are unemployed after the end of your studies or if you later lose your job.

Contact CA within 14 days after your graduation to get rights to benefits

To get benefit rights as a new graduate, you must contact CA within 14 days of your graduation:

As a student member you must remember to change your membership status to graduate membership.

If you are not a student member, you can join CA as a new graduate.

You must also change your status to new graduate if you find a job immediately after your graduation, or if you have completed a bachelor’s degree and continue to study for a master’s degree.

Then you’re sure to receive benefits if you become unemployed within the next couple of years.

If yoou do not contact within 14 days after your graduation, you can not receive benefits before you have been a member of CA for at least one year and have had an income at 246.924 kroner or more in that same period.