Have a voice: Stand for election

Join the CA Board of Representatives to build a strong network and influence strategic decisions.  

Many other unemployment insurance funds are managed by unions, but at CA, our members appoint their management team themselves.

The Board of Representatives is the supreme authority of CA. 13 out of 26 members are up for election in March 2022. From now and until 31 January 2022, you can declare yourself a candidate and become one of the 13 new representatives. As a representative, you are elected for a term of four years.

As a member of the Board of Representatives, you will:

  • Be laying down the principles and guidelines for CA’s strategy and development
  • Elect or be elected to CA’s Executive Committee
  • Stay up to date on how CA develop
  • Gain access to an exciting business network

The Board of Representatives generally meets twice a year, typically on a Saturday. There may also be activities in various committees, but committee work requires relatively little time.

Important: Please note that the meetings will be held in Danish.

To declare yourself a candidate, fill in this webform before 31 January 2022: Kandidatopstilling, valg 2022

Do you want to learn more about the work of the Board of Representatives?

Meet Marlene who is a member of the Board of Representatives and find out why she decided to join. 

I would like to give something back to CA for everything CA has done for me.


Marlene Fabricius Jepsen has been a member of CA’s Board of Representatives since 2020. 

Why did you join CA’s Board of Representatives?

It comes from a genuine desire to give something back to CA for everything CA has done for me. 

I have been unemployed twice for a total of ten months – and CA’s consultants have always treated me with kindness and respect. They do not only look at you as an unemployed, but as a whole person. 

At CA, the fundamental position is that we are here to help the members move on. And I would like help ensuring that it stays that way. This is the reason why I chose to stand for election in 2020. 

What is the role of CA’s Board of Representatives?

The name says it all. The purpose of the Board of Representatives is to represent and safeguard the interests of CA’s members in relation to the management team and the Executive Committee. 

We are 26 ordinary members who together hopefully represent the wide variety of members. Because of our diverse backgrounds and very different life situations, we offer a variety of input, which facilities fruitful discussions.

As HR Manager, I offer input within my fields of expertise and have special focus on human resource development and on igniting the potential of others.

And the other members of the Board of Representatives bring in lots of other expertise and skills. This helps us qualify the initiatives and ideas we receive from the Executive Committee and the management team, making results even stronger and more sustainable. 

And it also represents a really good opportunity to interfere in the world in a good way.