How to login at

When you need to fill out forms in our Self service or sign up for an event it is nescessary to login. You can choose to use NemID every time or you can choose to create a username and password for easier login in the future.

Here is a short guide on how to login at Unfortunately most of the webforms on are only available in Danish. Therefore we have chosen to show the Danish screen shots in the guide.

Where do I login at

When you want to login you go to the upper right in the light blue menu and click on Login. After login you will be redirected back to your original page. After login you will have access to all pages and forms.

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How to login using NemID?

When you have clicked 'Login' or enter a page that requires login, you must click the tab "NemID" and then you will see the well known NemID-login interface whare you can write your username, password and key from yuor key card or app.



Finally you are asked to write your CPR number to connect it to the login.



How do I create and login with my selfmade username and password (soft login)?

When you have clicked 'Log in' or enter a page that requires login, you must click ’Opret ny bruger’.


Then you need to confirm that you wish to create a new login and verify by logging in with NemID. And finally you need to write your CPR number and your preferred username and password. Passwords must be 12-16 characters and contain at least one letter and one number, and preferably one og more special characters: - / : ; ) ( & @ " . , ? ! ' [ ] #% ^ * + = _ \ | ~ < > $ € £.


In the future you only need your username and password to login.


I have forgotten my password and/or my username - what do I do?

When you have clicked 'Login' or enter a page that requires login, you must click ’Glemt kodeord’.

Then you are asked if you want to reset and subsequently create a new username and password by logging in with NemID. Click ’Ja’ and write your new login data.

If you experience any problems logging in you can contact us on Please write ’Login problems’ in the subject line.