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As a free student member of CA, you are entitled to financial benefits (min. DKK 13,644 per month in 2020) the day after you finish your eductaion, if you have been a member for at least a year and meet a residence requirement. CA is among the highest rated 'a-kasser' on Trustpilot and gives you lots of great opportunities to develop both your personal and professional skills.

CA offers much more than just financial security. I have a chance to develop both my personal and professional competences, so that I’m at an advantage when I enter the job market after graduation.
- Lena Adler Bachwart, Stud.cand.merc. and student member of CA

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What does it require to become a free student member?

CA student offers

Courses & webinars

Join one of our many free courses, lectures, or other activities for students. Get to grips with job searching, improve your Excel or Photoshop skills, learn to use statistics programmes and much more.


Get legal advice on your terms of employment, for example by letting us review your contract. The service is free while you are studying and only costs DKK 50 per month once you graduate.

The Job is Yours

CA's free e-book 'The Job is Yours' offers you renewed inspiration and a series of helpful exercises, tips and tricks that ensures you a stronger starting point in your job search.

Inexpensive student insurance

Buy CA Student insurance, a customized student insurance. The insurance covers until the age of 30, even though you are not a student anymore.

Dansk Markedsføring

As a CA student member you can become a free member of Dansk Markedsføring, where you get access to events and company visits.

Personality Profile

Get a free team-focused personality profile to gain insight into how you work in a group. We use acknowledged methods from People Test System.


Get your money's worth

Have you ever considered the cost of a membership after graduation? There's no law that financial and legal security must be expensive - just as affordable membership does not have to equate compromises and poor service.

Why settle? Join Denmark's best 'a-kasse'

Get the best service and the best offers from CA - the unemployment insurance fund with the industry's most satisfied members. We are among the highest rated 'a-kasser' on Trustpilot.

Visit our Trustpilot page here.

Save loads of money

As a member you can buy extra security by joining CA+. It is free as a student member and only costs DKK 50 per month as a graduate. The solution is for you who in fact only need unemployment insurance and legal counselling in case of a dispute with a future employer.

Read more about CA+ here.


Get 1 month's extra financial benefits

If you have been a student member for over one year, you will be eligible for unemployment benefits already the day after you have finished your education. Today this amounts to DKK 15,648 per month for providers and DKK 13,644 per month for non-providers.

As a graduate you would normally have to wait one month in order to be considered eligible for unemployment benefits. This way you get a nice cash profit by being a student member if you do not have a job after graduation.


Requirements for a free student membership

You have to be a resident of an EEA country, be under the age of 30, follow an educational course with a duration of at least 18 months and with a minimum of 90 ECTS, reside and stay in Denmark (also before you start studying) and have a yearly income of less than DKK 228,996 (SU included) per year (2020 figure).


Special unemployment fund rules for students

If you finish your studies soon

To avoid any unpleasant surprises when you graduate, you must take note of a number of rules. Remember that your bachelor’s degree counts as a separate education even if you continue studying.

If you are over 30

A number of legal requirements apply to free student membership. If you are 30 years or above, the rules are more stringent. These requirements are the same across all unemployment funds.