How to optimize your CV and cover letter

A comprehensive and easy-to-read CV and a targeted cover letter are essential to an effective job search


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15. February 2022
CA Webinar


Most recruitment procedures still rely on the conventional CV and cover letter to the employer. But in many industries, the competition for jobs is fierce. You are up against many other contenders. By joining this webinar, you will learn about human decision-making and perception based on research into the brain.
The webinar begins by discussing the optimal structure of the CV – that is, the order of its elements and a layout that helps the reader along. Next, we show you how to write a convincing cover letter that displays your motivation. We then address the question of building an effective pitch. Finally, we discuss the special circumstances on the Danish labour market that you need to be aware of when writing your material.

Your outcome
The webinar will enable you to write an optimal CV that lets you control the reader's interpretation of your content. We show you how to create a profile text with a focus on the job you are aiming at. You get precise instructions on writing a cover letter that demonstrates your motivation and pitches yourself convincingly, thereby giving you an optimal position for landing the job interview.

Notice 3 points of focus:
• Optimal CV structure
• A cover letter that clearly conveys the strong points of your pitch
• Tailoring your application documents for the Danish job market

Target group
CA members with a wish to optimize their application documents to increase their chances of a job interview.

1 hour.

All instructors are CA career counsellors.

Practical information
You will receive an email with a link to the webinar 24 hours before start. Please check your spam filter or contact CA if you do not get it. A reminder mail with a link, will also be send to your mail - 3 hours before start. Copies of the webinars are not available, as they are not recorded - due to GDPR. Please note: You are not permitted to record or share the content from CA’s courses / webinars / events etc. without prior agreement with CA.