Offers for CA members

As well as the right to claim unemployment benefits, a CA membership gives you access to a number of services that provide you with security and opportunities for developing your work life. 

CA+ means advantages and possibilities that offer a great alternative to a trade union, when combined with membership of CA. And that at a far lower price.

CA unemployment fund

CA members have access to a string of offers and advantages that increase your security and strenghten your career:

  • Unemployment insurance and income protection
  • Help with career development and the job search

CA+ supplementary scheme

CA+ gives you extra advantages and possibilities that you would normally find only with a trade union:

  • Free support on legal matters
  • Access to salary checks and special discounts on +Courses

Not a CA member?

Get the backing of a specialized career partner and unemployment fund.

Most popular membership offers

CA Legal Support

Membership of CA+ gives you free legal couselling e.g. by reviewing your job contract. They also help if you are laid off.


Get an overview of CA's many customized membership events. (in Danish)


Take advantage of CA's courses and webinars in job hunting, career development and personal competences.

Career counselling

Book our professionl career counsellors to help you define your dream job, train for the job interview and similar.

Membership offers with financial benefits

Income protection

CA Income Protection supplements your benefits if you lose your job.


As a CA member you can take out private insurance with good cover at favourable prices.

CA+ Courses

Professional +Courses in Project Management,  Online Marketing etc. at competitive prices. (in Danish)

Discount deals

Access to unique offers gives you a clear financial advantage while strengthening your competences and your career.

Strengthen your career with CA membership offers

Help with your job search

As your career partner CA helps you along to your next job, whether you are unemployed, laid off or currently working.

Find that job

Let the job find you through CA-Connect; CA's CV database on LinkedIn. Here you'll find job posting and company events.

CA+ wage statistics

CA Salary Checker gives you access to wage statistics for positions similar to yours. (in Danish)

Personality and IQ testing

Sharpen your profile with People Test System's personality type and logical reasoning tests. (in Danish)

Not a CA member?

Get the backing of a specialized career partner and unemployment fund.

Is CA+ part of your career toolbox?

CA+ offers you one of Denmark's most affordable financial and legal security packages.