Recommend a new CA member

Are you happy to be a CA member? Would you like to pay it forward? 

When you recommend a new paying member to us, you’ll both receive a Luxury Gift Card. The gift cards can be used for shopping at Zalando, Ilva, Matas,, cinemas, theatres, Paradis (ice cream), BabySam and lots of other wonderful places.

Do you have a friend who would appreciate a membership? Then let us know!

Here's how you do it

Simply fill out and submit the form below. Then we’ll contact your friend as soon as possible and help with the registration. As soon as your friend's first payment is registered, we’ll send you your gifts**.

Make sure to agree with your friend first, that it’s ok for us to call him/her

Your recommendation

By submitting this web form, we accept that CA may contact us by telephone and/or email to discuss the advantages of a CA membership, in which connection further personal data may be collected. 
For the purposes of documentation, CA will store our data for four (4) years following my request for its deletion.
We can gain insight into and recall our consent at any time, by emailing Consult CA's Data Protection Policy for further information or contact CA’s data responsible for questions or complaints: Kurt Wolf,

** Membership of CA is a condition for recommending a new member. This campaign does not apply in case of applications for a student membership or if the new applicant held CA membership within the preceding six (6) months.

Thank you!

As a token of our appreciation for your help with recruiting a new CA member, you’ll receive a luxury gift card of DKK 200, - **. Your friend, that you’ve recommended, will receive a luxury gift voucher of DKK 500, - as a welcome gift.**

Note: You and your friend will receive your gifts when we’ve registered your friend's first payment to CA.


** You must be a member of CA yourself to get a gift for recommending a new member. This campaign does not apply to enrollment (registration) as a free student members, nor for persons who have been members of CA within the past 6 months.