CA’s kontorer holder lukket pga. coronavirus, men du kan skrive eller ringe til os. Læs om COVID-19 – din situation. Har vi dine korrekte kontaktinformationer - log ind og opdater.
CA offices are closed due to COVID-19. Please write or call us. If you are unemployed: No job search and activation required.Check your contact informations - login here.


Offers for CA members

CA is much more than the average unemployment insurance fund. In addition to the right to unemployment benefits, your CA-membership gives you access to a wide range of unique offers that can provide you with added security as well as help to develop your career.

Career Counselling

CA’s career counsellors offer you professional career counselling and job coaching that will help you reach your goals, professionally and personally. 

Courses & webinars

CA offers a range of courses, online training programmes and webinars in subjects such as job search, career development, IT skills, personal and managerial skills.

CV database

CA's CV database, gives you an excellent opportunity of being matched when CA are finding relevant candidates for positions, sending out targeted job advertisements, or finding candidates for job speed dating and company presentations.

Job Café

Meet other job hunting CA members in the job café. Meet and discuss your application and CV with other job seekers and exchange networking ideas.

CA Legal Support

CA Legal Support offers professional help with contracts, exclusion clauses, dismissal and other employment terms. It costs only 50 kr. per month for employees. CA Legal Support is free for student members.

CA Income Protection

CA Income Protection offers a supplement to your unemployment benefits in case you lose your job. You decide on the degree of financial security that you wish to have.


Not yet a CA member?

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Offers from our business partners

On top of basic unemployment insurance your CA membership also grants you access to an array of unique offers.

For instance private insurance and private legal assistance.