This is how we calculate your benefit rate

The amount paid to you in benefits depends on your income from work before you became unemployed.

As a general rule, the benefits correspond to 90% of your average income before you became unemployed.

If you are full-time insured, you will not be entitled to more than the maximum monthly benefit rate of DKK 19,728 before tax.

You will be entitled to the maximum benefit rate if you have had a monthly average income from work of at least DKK 23,826.

To receive the highest monthly rate for part-time insured of DKK 13,152 before tax, you must have had a monthly average income from work of at least DKK 15,885.

There are no lower limit for your benefit rate.

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We calculate your average income from work as an average of income earned during the twelve best income months within the past 24 months.

Only income from work in the months you have been a member of an unemployment insurance fund is included in the calculation.

If you do not have income from work for 12 months in the last 24-month period, but, for example, only for ten months, we base the calculation of the average income on the ten months.

Have you had no income from work at all in the past 24 months, we look at the last 36 months and calculate your rate on the basis of your average earned income in that period.

Once your benefit rate has been calculated, you cannot get a new rate until you have earned the right to a new benefit period

NOTE: If income has previously been used to calculate a benefit rate for you, it cannot be used to calculate a new rate.