• Take your career to the next level

    CA has a lot more to offer than your average unemployment fund. Make the most of your
    membership: Give your career a boost by taking advantage of the many included services.

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  • Are you fully covered?

    CA Income Protection offers a supplement to your unemployment benefits
    covering up to 90% of your salary in case you lose your job.

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Download: The Job is Yours

Our free e-book 'The Job is Yours' offers you renewed inspiration and a series of helpful exercises, tips and tricks that ensures you a stronger starting point in your job search.

Courses & webinars

We offer a range of courses, online training programmes and webinars in areas such as job search, IT skills, personal and managerial skills. All of our courses are free for CA members.

CA Legal Support

CA Legal Support offers professional help with contracts, exclusion clauses, dismissal and other employment terms. It costs only 50 kr. per month for employees. CA Legal Support is free for student members.

Worth knowing

Download the folder "Worth Knowing - When you are unemployed" (pdf). It's easy to read and helps you to a better understanding of the complexities of the benefit rules.