Less intensive activity programme

When you get a new job after a period on unemployment benefits, you will usually be required to continue applying for 2 jobs a week until the day when your new job starts.

However, the Jobcenter may decide to grant an exemption and assign you to the programme called ”Less intensive activity” instead.

You will be eligible for the programme if you can demonstrate that you will be starting an ordinary full-time job within the next 6 weeks.

Once your Jobcenter has approved your eligibility, you will no longer need to apply for jobs or keep your job log. You will also no longer need to attend meetings with CA and the Jobcenter.

However, you must still be available for any job facilitated by your Jobcenter. This is why you must ensure that your CV at Jobnet is completed and searchable. You must also be resident and present in Denmark.

Please note ! – it is important that you are still registered with Jobnet as unemployed during this 6-week period even if you are exempt from joblogging and meetings. Otherwise, we are not allowed to pay benefits to you.