Less intensive activity programme - be exempted from jobsearching when you start a new job

When you get a new job after a period on unemployment benefits, you will usually be required to continue applying for 2 jobs a week until the day when your new job starts.

However, you can be exempted from looking for a job, logging jobs on your joblog and coming to meetings with us and at your Job Center if you can demonstrate that you will be starting an ordinary full-time job within the next 6 weeks.

You can also be exempted if you are going on maternity leave, early retirement, public pension, early retirement or you are starting full-time education.

This scheme is called "less intensive activity" because you do not have to make an intensive effort to get a job.

How to be exempted from job search etc.

You must apply yourself to be exempted from job searches, job blogs and meetings.

  • In the first three months you are unemployed, you must apply for an exemption from CA.

    You must complete this form for exemption from job search on Mit CA.

    We will then reply to you as soon as possible whether you can be exempted from job serch, meetings, etc.

  • If you have been unemployed for more than three months, you must contact your Jobcentre to be exempted.

Your obligations after being excempted

Once we or your job center have approved that you are exempt, you no longer need to apply for a job or joblog.

You also do not need to come to interviews in CA and at the job centre.

You must still be registered as free and be available

However, you must still be available for any work that your job center refers you to.

Therefore, your CV on Jobnet must still be completed and searchable. You must also stay and have residence in Denmark.

Remember! - it is important that you are still registered with Jobnet as unemployed during this 6-week period, even if you are exempt from job logs and meetings, as otherwise we may not pay you unemployment benefit.