Study Partner

CA is study partner for you who study business: Economics & finance, project management, marketing, communication, IT & e-commerce, management & strategy, HR or similar business areas.

We help you to create a good study life, so that you are prepared for a good working life once you graduate.

A future within business

Serious about business?

In CA it's all about business – your business, you and your future career.
We are a supplement to your studies and work to make your study life easier and strengthen your opportunities to create an inspiring and good working life after your graduation.

Think strategically

It matters, which unemployment fund you choose.
At CA, we specialize in business and work to ensure that our members have the best conditions to create an inspiring study and working life in balance.
If you study business, CA is therefore the obvious choice.

Your foundation - our business

As your study and career partner, we are an active part of your local study environment. We create events and advise on student well-being, study techniques, finances, an optimal exam period and when you need to land that cool student job.

In CA, you get sparring and advice, relevant knowledge and competence-developing courses, so that you can always acquire competences that are in demand in the business world.

Get even better

Use us to improve when you want to move on or need to find new paths in your study and working life. We are good at what we do - that's why our member satisfaction is at the top, both in surveys and on Trustpilot.

Your career - our business.

Shortcuts to landing a relevant student job or internship

From where you are - to where you want to be.

At CA, we prepare you for job searching, so that you'll have all the prerequisites to burn through and sell yourself in an application and at the job interview. This applies regardless of whether you are looking for a student job, an internship or your first job as a recent graduate.

Theme: Job search

Our job search theme page contains everything you want to know about job searching.

How you uncover your skills, present yourself and write applications that get you a job interview.

There are links to a myriad of resources, everything from e-books, articles, podcasts to our 24/7 online service "Instant Feedback", where you can get feedback on your application material immediately.

Job searching (Jobsøgning)

"Do I need a unemployment insurance fund,
while I'm studying?"

No, in principle you don't.
But there are actually many good reasons to join an unemployment insurance fund, already while you are studying.

You save money

A free CA student membership gives you access to lots of benefits and cash discounts, including cheap student insurance.
You are also guaranteed daily allowance from day 1, if you are without a job, the day you finish your education and have been a member for at least 12 months.

You get shortcuts to an easier student life

Are you looking for a new relevant student job? or help managing your time so that you have an overview and don't feel pressured by everything you have to achieve? Or specific tools and templates that make your work easier?

As a CA student member, you get free access to a wealth of resources, e-books, webinars and tools that make your student life much easier.

Create an exciting future in business with CA

At CA, we know your field of expertise and know what it takes to succeed when you are about to create a new and exciting future for yourself in business.

With a free CA student membership, you get access to loads of benefits and cash discounts

online kurser

Free online courses in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign and much more…

In CA, you always have the opportunity to develop your professional and personal skills, and strengthen your value on the labor market. You get discount on specialist courses and have free access to a wide range of competence-developing online courses, lectures and events as well as download of various e-books and useful templates.


Extra percentages on good deals

CA has negotiated a wide range of benefits and cash discounts for members.
In addition to extra percentages on good deals, you can get cheap newspaper subscriptions, branded goods at reduced prices and much more.

Cheap insurances

Save lots of money with CA student insurance


As a free student member of CA, you get access to tailored and cheap insurance for students – contents, accident and travel insurance.

CA student insurance (CA Studieforsikring)

Free legal support

Get CA Legal Support
for 0 DKK.

You get CA Legal Support for students for DKK 0. Then you can have the contract for your student job checked by professional lawyers. You can also get short legal advice on e.g. contracts and terms of employment completely free of charge.

CA Legal Support (CA Advokathjælp)