Benefits: what are the current rates?

The table below shows the benefit rates for unemployed members, graduates and early retirees – and other benefit rates.

New benefit rates from 1 January 2019

Benefit rates and other rates are determined by the state. They are adjusted once a year. All rates are before tax.

The table below shows unemployment benefit rates and rates for other benefits, valid from 1 January 2019.


 Unemployment benefit rate

per month (before tax) in 2019

Maximum benefit rate, full-time

DKK 18,866

Maximum benefit rate, part-time

DKK 12,577
Graduate rate benefits, full-time, with dependent children DKK 15,470

Graduate rate benefits, full-time, no dependent children

DKK 13,489

Graduate rate benefits, part-time, with dependent children DKK 10,313

Graduate rate benefits, part-time, no dependent children

DKK 8,993

Early retirement (91 %) 2-year rule not met, full-time

DKK 17,168

Early retirement (91 %) 2-year rule not met, part-time

DKK 11,445

Early retirement  (100 %) 2-year rule met, full-time

DKK 18,866

Early retirement  (100 %) 2-year rule met, part-time

DKK 12,577


Conversion rate

In 2019 the conversion rate is DKK 241.73. 

The conversion rate is used for calculating the number of worked hours on the basis of income, for example in the case of uncontrollable work and setting off pension income against benefits. The conversion rate applies for paid income as from 1 January 2019.

G days 2019

Full allowance

DKK 871

Half allowance

DKK 436

The term G days is used for the first and second day of unemployment for which the employer must compensate your loss of benefits.



When should I fill in the benefit form?

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