Unemployment, early retirement and other benefit rates

How much you will receive in benefits will depend on your situation and your previous income level. Click here for more details about how we calculate your benefit rate.

The rates of unemployment benefits, new graduate benefits, early retirement benefits and other benefits are set by the Danish state. The rates are subject to annual review.

Below you can see the current rates.

Unemployment and early retirement benefit rates

All rates are monthly pre-tax amounts.


Monthly pre-tax

Maximum benefit rate, full-time

DKK 19,351

Maximum benefit rate, part-time

DKK 12,901

New graduate rate, parent with dependent child(ren), full-time

DKK 15,868

New graduate rate, parent with dependent child(ren), part-time

DKK 10,579

New graduate rate, no dependent child(ren), full-time

DKK 13,836

New graduate rate, no dependent child(ren), part-time

DKK 9,224

Eardly retirement


Early retirement (100%), full-time

DKK 19,351

Early retirement (100%), part-time

DKK 12,901

Early retirement (91%), full-time

DKK 17,609

Early retirement (91%), part-time

DKK 11,740

Whether you will be entitled to 100% or 91% of the maximum early retirement benefit rate depends on whether you meet the two-year rule.

G-days is the term used to describe the first and second day of unemployment when you are entitled to compensation from your employer instead of benefits from CA.  

A full G-day amounts to DKK 893.

A partial G-day amounts to DKK 447.

This is the rate we apply if, for example, you have had income from uncontrollable work which must be deducted from your benefits. uncontrollable work could be, for example, if you are paid per project or assignment instead of by the hour.