G-days are also called employer compensation days.

Your employer must pay compensation to you for the first 2 weekdays you are unemployed. The compensation amounts to DKK 940 per day and corresponds to 7.4 hours of unemployment benefits. The hours will be deducted by us from your benefits.

In order to be entitled to g-days from your employer, you must have had at least 74 hours of work in the last 4-week period before you became unemployed.

You are not entitled to G-days if:

  • You left your job voluntarily
  • You have started another job
  • You are sick
  • You are taking holiday
  • You are taking early or regular retirement

If your employer does not pay the g-days with the second salary payment after you left the job, we can pay you unemployment benefits for the 2 days. In that case, we will collect the amount from your employer.

Please contact us if you would like our assistance in getting your payment for the g-days. However, you must always contact your employer first and request payment for the g-days before asking for our assistance.

G-days if you are employed on a day-to-day basis

If you are employed on a day-to-day basis (e.g. casual or agency worker), each day of working less than full-time (7.4 hours) will be regarded as the first day of unemployment.

As a result, an employer may end up paying as much as 5 g-days a week. However, the maximum number of g-days payable by your employer is 16 g-days per calendar year.

See the g-days rates