You are entitled to a senior job with your local municipality if your benefits right ends 5 years or less before you reach the early retirement age. In addition, you must meet the conditions for early retirement.

If you are not entitled to early retirement until your 64th birthday, for instance, you can only get a senior job if your benefits right ends after your 59th birthday.

Please note that your early retirement age depends on when you were born.

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The earliest start date of your senior job is the day when your benefits right ends.

A senior job is a position made with your local municipality where the pay is the same as under a collective bargaining agreement.

If you have a senior job, you can only be given notice of termination if you fail to comply with the arrangements agreed with the employer. The senior job will continue until you decide to retire early. If the position is eliminated, your local municipality must offer you a new senior job.

If you are eligible for a senior job, we will contact you and advise you on the possibility of getting a senior job some 2 to 3 months before your benefits right ends.

You must apply to your local municipality for a senior job yourself. You can do so three months or less before your benefits right ends, and you must have applied at least two months after.

Your local municipality must employ you in a senior job at least 2 months after your application, but no earlier than from the day when your benefits right ends. Therefore, it's a very good idea for you to contact them when you only have 2 or 3 months left until your benefits right ends. Otherwise, there is a risk that you may find yourself without any source of income for a period of time – from your benefits end and until your first salary payment from your senior job.

To the extent possible, the employment must take into account your qualifications and interests, but the local municipality is not required to find a job which matches your previous work experience.

You must be available to take a job facilitated by the Jobcenter while working in your senior job. You must continue to pay membership fees to the unemployment insurance fund as well as payments into the early retirement scheme. You will not earn the right to a new benefits period via the senior job scheme.

Read more about your options and the senior job rules at borger.dk