Even though you are unemployed you are still entitled to holiday. If you do not want to be available on the labour market for a period of time, you can spend the holiday payment which you have earned with an employer, or you can apply for holiday benefit if that applies to you.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for holiday benefit if your primary occupation is self-employment or if your eligibility for benefit has expired. Please read more about the conditions for holiday benefit.

Table of contents:

  1. Inform the Job Centre and CA about your holiday
  2. The unemployment benefit form ( Dagpengekortet)
  3. Holiday benefit - what have you earned
  4. When you fill out the application
  5. Please remember the closing date for applications
  6. Application form for holiday benefit in the holiday year 2017/2018 (Note: the link doesn't work in Chrome - please use another browser)

1. Please inform Job Centre about your holiday

If you are unemployed at the time you plan your holiday, please remember to inform the Job Centre at least 14 days prior to the first day of your holiday. All you need to do is to inform the Job Centre on and the Job Centre will then inform CA. If you want to apply for holiday benefit, please apply for your holiday benefit on 'Selvbetjening' on our webpage before the first day of your holiday.

If you inform the Job Centre less than 14 days prior to the first day of your holiday, you must attend meetings or activities which the Job Centre summons you to - even though you are on holiday. If you miss the meeting you will not be eligible for benefit for a period of time. You must inform the Job Centre about your holiday no matter whether you are holidaying at your own expense, receiving holiday benefit or holiday allowance.

If you inform the Job Centre less than 14 days prior to the first day of your holiday, please notify CA about your holiday prior to the first day. You can inform CA about your holiday by e-mailing us at Please state: Ferie and your membership number.

Holiday Allowance

The qualifying year for Holiday Allowance is the calendar year 2016 while the holiday year runs from 1st May 2017 until 30th April 2018.

If you have had paid work during the qualifying year, you earn the right to 2,08 days paid holiday for each month you have been employed during a calendar year. In accordance with the Holidays with Pay Act, all wage earners are entitled to paid holiday.

However, you do not earn the right to paid holiday during your employment if you are sick and the employer is not liable to pay you a full wage or a partial wage. Nor does paid holiday apply whilst you are on maternity leave or during other periods of unpaid or partially unpaid leave.

Holiday Allowance is in general 12,5 pct. of your wage in the calendar year, and the employer shall pay your holiday allowance into your account at FerieKonto or a similar system the following month after the end of the last quarter.

2. The unemployment benefit form

Please note; as a general rule you must take your holiday in order to receive your holiday allowance. Please check the rules for exemption clauses on

The monthly benefit form

When you are on holiday you are not available on the labour market and you cannot receive the unemployment benefit.

If you hold a ‘feriekort’ from a previous employer you can cash the holiday pay for the number of days you are taking holiday. You must apply for your holiday pay on On the unemployment benefit form you must note 'Ferie' for each of the days you are taking holiday.

3. Holiday pay - qualifying year

You qualify for holiday benefit in the following holiday year if you have been unemployed or have received other allowances from an unemployment benefit fund in a qualifying year. (This does not apply to allowances from the early retirement scheme, VEU-refund or refund for transportation costs in connection with activation, deducted your contribution to the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension Scheme (ATP) and the Special Pension (which is suspended for the time being)). The same applies if you have received sickness benefit or maternity benefit from the municipality. The holiday pay you have qualified for in 2016 must be spent in the holiday year starting from 1st May 2017 to 30th April 2018. 

Every year in March or April we send you information via ‘Breve fra CA’ in 'Selvbetjening' about your holiday pay in the following holiday year.

The number of holidays with eligibility for holiday pay is calculated by dividing the total gross benefits from the qualifying year with the benefit rate in the year of payment which is then multiplied with a conversion factor. For the qualifying year 2016 the factor is 0,0955.

Different calculation methods for holiday benefit and holiday allowance

If you have been partially in work during the qualifying year, the number of holidays might not add up to a total of 25 days with holiday benefit and holiday allowance. This is due to the fact that you qualify for 2.08 paid holiday each calendar month you are in an employment, while it is the sum of the paid benefit which determines the number of holidays with holiday benefit. According to the Holiday with Pay Act, you are always entitled to 25 days' holiday but you might not be eligible for holiday pay for all of the 25 days.

Conditions for payment

You are not eligible for holiday benefit if your primary occupation is self-employment.

As a general rule, the holiday benefit will be paid out when all other holiday payments are used. This means that you must use the holiday pay you have earned with your employer in the qualifying year before being eligible for holiday benefit.

You will only be eligible for holiday benefit if you fulfill the general conditions for eligibility for benefit at the time of your holiday. The availability conditions are listed below.

At the time of your holiday you must:

  • be member of a Danish unemployment insurance fund
  • be present and have residence in Denmark before your holiday begins
  • be either working as a wage earner or be unemployed
  • not be enrolled on a SU - entitled study programme
  • not receive full or partial salary during your holiday
  • your primary occupation is not self-employment

Please note: You must take holiday in order to receive your holiday benefit. You cannot receive holiday benefit if you are prevented from taking holiday due to e.g. maternity leave or sickness. The holiday benefit cannot be transferred to the following holiday year.

If you have received unemployment benefit from a calculated rate of benefit in the period from the start of the qualifying year and until your holiday begins, you will receive the same amount in holiday benefit along with any regulations. If you have not received any benefit from CA - (e.g. if you have been on maternity leave) - CA will pay you the rate for Graduates. The rate is 82 % of the maximum rate which corresponds to kr. 686,- per day.

4. When you fill out the application form

For your own sake please be careful filling out the application form. If you miss filling out one of the boxes, CA will have to return your application form and this will delay your payment.
About 8 days before your holiday begins, CA will pay your holiday benefit - please submit your application form in due time

5. Please remember the deadline

If you are unemployed it is essential that CA has received your application form before your holiday begins. 

If you are working, CA must have received your application form not later than one month after the end of the holiday year 2017/2018 no later than 31st May 2018. Application forms received by CA after that date will be rejected and will result in a loss of your holiday benefit.

6. Application form for holiday benefit for the holiday year 2016/2017

Please fill out your application form for holiday benefit via 'Selvbetjening' (in Danish).

You can also print the application form, fill it out and send it to CA by post: AR 258 - Application form for holiday benefit (holiday year 2016/2017)