New holiday benefit rules from 1 September 2020

On 1 September 2020, the new holiday law enters into force. From this day on, a new rule is introduced, so that you earn and take your holiday continuously. This is called concurrent holiday (samtidighedsferie) and applies to wage-earners, benefit recipients and maternity benefit recipients.

Holiday year and holiday period

Holiday benefits are earned in a holiday year of 12 months, running from 1 September to 31 August in the following year. The first holiday year is thus 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021.

You can take your holiday for a holiday period of 16 months, which runs from 1 September to 31 December in the following year. The first holiday period is thus 1 September 2020 to 31 December 2021.


Earning holiday benefit rights from 1 September 2020

Your holiday is earned continuously and can be taken continuously. The holiday earned in one month can already be taken in the following month. All holiday must be spent before the expiry of the holiday period.

Holiday benefits are calculated each month on the basis of your unemployment benefits and holiday benefits. If you receive a full month’s unemployment benefits/holiday benefits, that is, for 160.33 hours (130 hours if you are part-time insured), you have earned 2.08 days with holiday benefits.

If you received unemployment benefits/holiday benefits for less than 160.33 hours (or 130 hours) in a month, the number of days earned with holiday benefits are calculated proportionately. For example, if you are full-time insured and claimed benefits for 80.16
hours, you have earned 1.04 days’ holiday benefits.

Earning by maternity benefits

The right to holiday benefits based on maternity benefits from Udbetaling Danmark is also earned continuously. However, CA is only directly notified of your maternity benefits as long as you are unemployed. If you apply for holiday benefit after a maternity leave, we ask you at this time to make us aware that you have received maternity benefits.

Calculating the number of days with holiday benefit

Only when it is time for payment of your holiday benefits will we be able to make an exact calculation of the amount of holiday you have earned and will be paid for. Your holiday benefits are paid at the earliest one week before the start of the holiday.

Holiday in advance

If you apply for more days with holiday benefits than you are entitled to, we can only pay for these “yet unearned days” when/if you subsequently earn enough days via payments from us (or via maternity benefits). This means that you can take a holiday, for which you must initially pay out of your own pocket. You will later receive the holiday benefits if and when you earn the right to more days with holiday benefits.

For example: If, on 25 September 2020, you apply for 2 days of holiday benefits during the autumn holiday (e.g., for October 12 and 13), you will not yet have received benefits for September 2020. Therefore, you have not yet earned the right to holiday benefits.

Provided that you receive full benefits for the month of September on 30 September 2020, we will at that time be able to calculate that you have earned 2.08 days. This entitles you to 2 days’ holiday, which can be paid 1 week before your holiday starts. The remaining 0.08 days of holiday will be credited to your account and paid with your next payment from us. In case you want to take 5 days (rather than 2 days) of autumn holiday, you will receive the last 3 days only when you have earned them via payments from us.

Special rule for new graduates who are not breadwinners

If you receive unemployment benefits at the 71.5% rate because you are a recent graduate and are not a breadwinner, you will unfortunately only earn 1.81 holiday days per month, you receive unemployment benefits for 160.33 hours. In return, you receive holiday pay at a rate of 82% of the maximum pay allowance.

You must take your employer-paid holiday first

If you have earned holiday allowance from an employer, you must use this holiday before you can claim holiday benefits. With full-time employed work, you earn 2.08 days a month.

Even if you hold several jobs and thereby earn more than 2.08 days a month, you only need to take the maximum amount of holiday that can be earned under the Holiday Act, that is, 2.08 day per month. For example, if you take your holiday in December, you must have spent the 3 X 2.08 = 6.24 days of holiday you have earned with your employer in September, October and November before you can claim your holiday benefits.

Work-related holiday, which has been transferred from a previous holiday year must also be taken before you can claim holiday benefits. Please note that holiday earned via benefits cannot be transferred to a new holiday period.

Remember to notify your Jobcenter of your holiday

As long as you are unemployed, you must notify about your holiday no later than 14 days before its first day. You can register your holiday by logging on to, go to the “Planer og aftaler” page and click on the “Meld ferie” item. We'll get a direct message from Jobcenter.

If your holiday is less than 14 days away, you cannot register the holiday yourself. Instead, you must contact your Jobcenter and CA. In this case, you have a duty to attend meetings and activities to which Jobcenter or we invite you, even if you are on holiday.

Conditions for entitlement to holiday benefits

You need to:

  • Be unemployed or in employed work
  • Have held your holiday accrued from employers
  • Take holiday
  • Have a valid right to claim benefits if you were unemployed; that is, your benefit rights must not have expired
  • Have reported your holiday on no later than on the first day of holiday
  • Be a member of a Danish unemployment fund and reside in Denmark at the time of the holiday

You cannot receive holiday benefits if you:

  • Participate in education without at the same time being entitled to benefits
  • Run your own business, which is regarded as your main occupation
  • Are sick or on maternity leave
  • Are settling an effective suspension of benefits
  • Receive a full salary during the holiday

Your holiday benefit rate

Your holiday benefit rate is the same as the rate used for your last unemployment benefit payment. This applies as long as you can still use your benefit rights. If this is not the case, your holiday benefits are paid at a rate of 82% of the maximum unemployment benefits. This also applies to all new graduates.

How to apply

The application form will be available at from 30 September 2020. From this date onwards, it is possible to complete an application up to 5 weeks before the holiday starts.

If we receive your application at least 4 weeks before your holiday starts, we can pay the holiday benefits 1 week before you go on holiday.