Learn the Cheat Code

Written by Karine Jonker, cand.merc. International Marketing & Management                        

Marketers and leaders can easily short-cut their way to success. According to the successful 26-year-old entrepreneur Brian Wong, who has won many internationally recognized awards, the secret lies in the heart of the Cheat Code – by doing things slightly off script and getting ahead.

My motivation for joining the Marketing Day 2017 Conference was to get some inspiration on the newest trends and learn from smart people.

I was particularly interested in the keynote speech by Brian, the founder and CEO of KiiP in the US. I was curious about the secret behind his success at such a young age, and about what he had to offer on marketing and leadership. It turned out that the speech completely exceeded my expectation, and it was packed with tons of humor, energy and enthusiasm.

Brian disclosed the four pillars of the Cheat Code:

1. Innovation

2. People

3. Your industry/business

4. Yourself

1. On innovation, he advised to focus on what won't change. Taking retail shopping as an example, people always want their purchases cheaper and faster, these are what won't change. Amazon did a good job here. Also, he advised to make people feel smart (when using products provided by your business), e.g. Apple's products and some smart apps.

2. He admitted that the biggest challenge he had faced so far was working with people. He advised to know your own superpower, and to find complementary superpowers. He was especially open for new permissions and new norms.

3. He suggested your industry/business to be cross-device and cross-platform, because today's consumer is connected whenever and wherever. He talked about “Moments of Achievement”, and pinpointed that there were huge opportunities for brands to engage with consumers if your business could be part of, and own the consumer's relevant achievement moments.

4. The key personal qualities he valued were gratitude, the youthful mindset, constant curiosity and constant learning. Last but not the least, the ability to generate serendipity.

Do you think you are ready for short-cutting your way to success? You're in. Learn the Cheat Code from Brian and implement that, maybe already in your current marketing campaign?

About the cheat code: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/6-cheats-building-strong-culture-behind-your-brand-brian-wong